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The best of its kind

This site is the most exclusive business club in Portugal. Whatever contact you make, it's sure to be the best of its kind.

The companies to be found at portugaloffer.com have been subjected to very careful scrutiny and selected by fundamental criteria, cross-indexing on size, quality of product and service, financial soundness and corporate ethics.

portugaloffer.com wants Portugal to become better known around the world as a Country of Quality. That´s why portugaloffer.com is a niche-site of first-rate Portuguese companies. Business persons worldwide know that when they go to portugaloffer.com they will find Portuguese companies that put excellence before all else, guaranteeing solid and last business relationships, based on confidence.

At a time when a surfeit of information abounds, we at portugaloffer.com, are developing a special brand of reliability, filtering information for you.

Likewise, in a world that has become a global village and where competition is increasingly tougher and impersonal, we let you look at the best suppliers, partners or customers Portugal has to offer. All hailing from a country where you can do business to give yourself a more competitive edge and to make sure you get "value for money", or that will give you a warm welcome, if you want to take it easy.

At the bottom of each company's page basically you'll find all the information you need to get in touch with them direct and ask whatever you want to know. If, however, portugaloffer.com's range of information fails to address all your needs, we here at Financetar will come to your rescue and deal with any other queries you may have!

Just contact us to our e-mail address: financetar@portugaloffer.com

This site is the property of Financetar and managed personally by its Chairman and CEO, António Neto da Silva. He's a Portuguese entrepreneur with a vast amount of experience in dealing with foreign trade and foreign investment. He was previously Deputy-Chairman of the Portuguese Export Promotion Board (1982-1983) and Secretary of State for External Trade and Foreign Investment (1990-1991).

Companies shown on portugaloffer.com are a selection of the best in each sector.

Be our guest!

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