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Chemical Products
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  Leading companies operating in this sector:  

AgriGénese aims to continue its tradition of having a strong relationship with the best farmers, from north to south, in Portugal. The company’s range of activities is a wide one, including the sale of all farm inputs, certified seed multiplication, certified seed processing, and technical agronomical support. As a company, we aspire to provide farmers, their families and the inhabitants of country towns with all the products they need. Rigor and integrity are highly valued by us as important company assets.
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Galp Energia

Born in the year 2000, Galp Energia is the holding responsible for the reshaping of the Portuguese energy sector, in the areas of oil and natural gas. Our goal is to build a national oil and gas company, compliant with modern international standards, to be a key player in the Portuguese economy, and to grow in the international energy industry, by becoming a relevant competitor in the Iberian market.
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ADP - Adubos de Portugal is a company with its sights set on the 21st century.Established in 1997, through the merger of Portugal’s two major fertilizer companies belonging to the Quimigal and Sapec Groups, it already occupies a leading position in the production and marketing of fertilizers in Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, with a national market share of some 75%.
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Robbialac's mission is to provide Protection and Decoration for almost any surface requiring paint to that end, in the decorative, vehicle refinishing and general industrial areas, while satisfying the (Market) needs of its customers, better and more profitably than its competitors. Robbialac asserts itself as the outstanding leader in the Portuguese paint market and strives to reinforce.
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  The main business areas in this sector:  
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Garments
  • Cements & Concrete
  • Home Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Knitwear
  • Chemical Products
  • Light Engineering & Capital Goods
  • Construction
  • Marble & Decorative Stone
  • Edition, Graphic Arts & Minting
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Products
  • Electricity
  • Metal Ceilings
  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment
  • Metalworks & Equipment Goods
  • Energy Carries
  • Plastics & Packaging
  • Environment
  • Pulp, Paper & Stationery Products
  • Food Products
  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
  • Footwear & Leather Products
  • Transport Equipment
  • Foundries
  • Wines & Beverages
  • Furniture
  • Wood & Cork Products
      Read an overview of the Industrial sector  
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