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António Neto da Silva
António Neto da Silva
Chairman & CEO
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Financetar, SA, a services company, was incorporated in 1992. Since then we have focused on operating within a select group of business areas.

Our corporate mission is to put our expertise to good use by assisting foreign investors trying to find their way around Portugal and also advising Portuguese companies wanting to globalize.

These services include:

  • Trouble Shooting in Portugal, a country with a huge and complex bureaucracy, thus saving time and money for either National and Foreign Companies
  • Identify opportunities for foreign or national corporations wishing to    acquire companies to expand their business in Portugal or for Portuguese companies wishing to make similar acquisitions abroad
  • Assist companies throughout the whole negotiation process up to finalization of an acquisition
  • Identifying best investment location sites and assisting in all real estate negotiations
  • Putting together complete processes for foreign investors
  • Getting all authorizations and registrations requisite to investing in Portugal
  • Getting best mix of available investment incentives (national, EU or International)
  • Preparing economic studies in line with Portuguese rules and regulations
  • Taking part in all negotiations involving authorities and financial institutions
  • Identifying best Portuguese partners
  • Researching and identifying importers or agents for foreign companies or products
  • Researching and identifying Portuguese exporters or purchasing agents for products or services required by crossborder businesses


    With an extensive background as an experienced entrepreneur (with an MA in Economics from UK Reading  University), António Neto da Silva, has held high public office on several occasions in Portugal (former Secretary of State for Foreign Trade & Investment, to name but one) and in Brussels (Chairman of an EU Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Policy Committee).
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    Sector Services to Enterprises
    Financetar, Sociedade de Serviços Financeiros, Empresariais e Imobiliários, SA
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