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Services to Enterprises
Read an overview of the Services and Trade sector
  Leading companies operating in this sector:  
CTT - Correios de Portugal

A proactive modern operator, CTT — Correios de Portugal, the Portuguese postal service. Doing everything we can to meet the needs of both the corporate world and the general public, we are focused on providing complete and integrated communication solutions of quality, not only efficiently and competitively, but profitably too, in handling the delivery of messages, goods and services.
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Financetar, SA, is an investment services company. Our corporate mission is to put our expertise to good use by assisting foreign investors trying to find their way around Portugal and also advising Portuguese companies wanting to globalize.
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Gesbanha processes and interprets corporate information, facilitating decision-taking on the part of its clients. Since our inception, our main goal has been to work in collaboration with our clients, contributing to their ongoing adaptation to the changes in the competitive environment in which they operate.
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There are loads of software companies out there. So why opt for these people from Portugal? Well, that's why we're here. We want to let you know about our systems and how they can help you achieve your goals. For a kickoff, why not think of Quidgest as your "Information Systems' Plant"?
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Parque Expo 98
The Parque Expo Group is the organization behind the largest urban regeneration project ever carried out in Portugal, the Lisbon World Exhibition in 1998. The measure of success the Parque Expo Group has achieved means it can be identified as a unique partner in energizing partnerships with public and private organizations involved in urban renewal.
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SAG SGPS is a recognized benchmark in the national automotive sector. Busily engaged in developing an innovative strategy in our approach to the integrated and multi-brand market, we are able to make an increasingly-enhanced and complete offer to importers, dealers, and final customers alike.
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Founded in 1990, with head offices 15 minutes away from Lisbon airport, Turiprojecto, offers customers a wide range of services. Specializing in the conception, coordination, monitoring and inspection of urbanization, industrial and equipment projects, Turiprojecto has already executed over 700 projects, corresponding to more than 1 million square meters of construction.
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  The main business areas in this sector:  
  • Airlines
  • Logistics
  • Banking
  • Mail Services
  • Casinos
  • Real-Estate
  • Environmental Requalification
  • Roadway Infrastructures & Services
  • Exporters/manufacturers of garments
  • Services to Enterprises
  • Golf Courses
  • Software
  • Hotels
  • Telecommunications
  • Institutions
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Transports & Distribution
  • Venture Capital & Financial Services
      Read an overview of the Services & Trade sector  
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