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  Leading companies operating in this sector:  

António Xavier de Lima is a public limited company, operating basically in two areas of business: Horsebreeding and Real Estate. One of the largest landowners in Portugal, our company owns more than 50,000 ha of the country's finest land. These vast tracts of land are located not only in industrial zones but also in the interior, close to large cities, and on long stretches of coastline with direct access to beaches and the sea.
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Financetar, SA, is an investment services company. Our corporate mission is to put our expertise to good use by assisting foreign investors trying to find their way around Portugal and also advising Portuguese companies wanting to globalize.
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Lusotur, manages the tourist and real estate resort of Vilamoura, located in the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal's mainland. It is one of the largest developments of its kind in Europe, receiving close on 350,000 tourists every year. With over 35,000 beds available, and more than 6,000 permanent residents, it offers a comprehensive range of accommodation and leisure facilities.
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Parque Expo 98
The Parque Expo Group is the organization behind the largest urban regeneration project ever carried out in Portugal, the Lisbon World Exhibition in 1998. The measure of success the Parque Expo Group has achieved means it can be identified as a unique partner in energizing partnerships with public and private organizations involved in urban renewal.
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Praia D'El Rey
Praia D'El Rey is much more than a golfer's retreat. It is a residential holiday resort. With 2.5km of beachfront, set in a beautiful and historic region of the country, it offers a range of sporting and leisure activities, sightseeing and good restaurants. The Praia D'El Rey development has been designed to blend in with the unique natural beauty of the area and its rich cultural and architectural heritage. A good example of this is the care taken over the construction of the apartments and townhouses.
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Proprium, SA's strictly ethical business practices foster mutual confidence. Already it can point to, among those using its services, Europe's major construction companies and real estate developers, as well as an excellent source of sites coming from some of the largest and most prestigious landowners in Portugal.
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  • Airlines
  • Logistics
  • Banking
  • Mail Services
  • Casinos
  • Real-Estate
  • Environmental Requalification
  • Roadway Infrastructures & Services
  • Exporters/manufacturers of garments
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  • Software
  • Hotels
  • Telecommunications
  • Institutions
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Transports & Distribution
  • Venture Capital & Financial Services
      Read an overview of the Services & Trade sector  
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