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Transports & Distribution
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  Leading companies operating in this sector:  
As part of its corporate mission, ANA S.A. is responsible for the management and development of the Lisbon, Sá Carneiro (Oporto), Faro, João Paulo II (Ponta Delgada), Santa Maria, Horta and Flores (the Azores) airports. Currently the company has a 1,473-strong workforce. Excellence is its key watchword in providing an airport service of quality.
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CTT - Correios de Portugal

A proactive modern operator, CTT — Correios de Portugal, the Portuguese postal service. Doing everything we can to meet the needs of both the corporate world and the general public, we are focused on providing complete and integrated communication solutions of quality, not only efficiently and competitively, but profitably too, in handling the delivery of messages, goods and services.
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The ETE Group is established today as a benchmark Group in maritime and port activities, along with other similar business operations. It has done so not only in Portugal, but in the main Portuguese-speaking African countries, having extended its business well beyond its maritime activities to cover other areas going from marine repairs to insurance, and from banking to trading.
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Somague SGPS
Somague profile, in the sphere of Engineering and Services, is enhanced by the experience and know-how of a solid Group, constantly alert to the latest developments in its field. And, as such, it is confident that it is more than able to respond to the challenges and needs of the markets where it operates (Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Spain, Morocco and Mozambique).
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Metropolitano de Lisboa

Metropolitano de Lisboa, is a state enterprise (the Portuguese State being its sole shareholder). It is the exclusive operator of a subway network running under the city of Lisbon and to outlying zones. The company is equally responsible for all initiatives involved in the subway's upgrades and expansions. The current network (2001) consists of four independent lines with some 28 Kms of track and 36 stations - 4 of which are interface-stations serving 2 lines.
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Metro do Porto

Metro do Porto SA, the company running Oporto’s light metro transit system, operates the most modern and principal mode of transportation in the Oporto Metropolitan Area. With 4 lines and 44 stations (12 of which are underground), extending over a 35km network, linking up the counties of Oporto, Matosinhos, Maia and Vila Nova de Gaia, Metro do Porto ensures that hundreds of thousands of people commute in optimum conditions of speed, efficiency and safety.
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SAG SGPS is a recognized benchmark in the national automotive sector. Busily engaged in developing an innovative strategy in our approach to the integrated and multi-brand market, we are able to make an increasingly-enhanced and complete offer to importers, dealers, and final customers alike.
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A Lisbon-based stevedoring and terminal management company, SPC provides a wide range of services at seaports, inland terminals, and Lisbon Airport. Today, SPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the multi-service Sapec Group, operating in Portugal and Spain, and acting as that group’s logistics branch. Our mission is to manage privately-owned or concessioned terminals, providing logistical services to third parties.
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The Group comprises various transportation-related companies, going from port operations, through shippers and shipping, on to international transportation, distribution, logistics, maritime agencies, etc. The TERTIR Group globalized its business by setting up companies abroad, namely in Africa (Angola, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique).
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Today, when it comes to competitiveness, choosing a distribution system that’s adequate and reliable is absolutely essential for any company. Transporta offers a distribution solution geared to quality, backed by its vast experience and unbeatable size on a national scale.
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In 1975, owing to profound political changes in Portugal, the government decreed the nationalization and merger of five companies operating the ferry routes on the River Tagus, connecting Lisbon to several areas on the south bank. Transtejo was founded in the same year in response to a need to restructure and coordinate the ferry operators’ activity on the River Tagus, in order to guarantee its regular functioning. The Transtejo Group provides a fundamental, indispensable and quality public service to those people residing on the south bank of the Tagus who need to commute to Lisbon every day.
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  The main business areas in this sector:  
  • Airlines
  • Logistics
  • Banking
  • Mail Services
  • Casinos
  • Real-Estate
  • Environmental Requalification
  • Roadway Infrastructures & Services
  • Exporters/manufacturers of garments
  • Services to Enterprises
  • Golf Courses
  • Software
  • Hotels
  • Telecommunications
  • Institutions
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Transports & Distribution
  • Venture Capital & Financial Services
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